Whats a Frequency Generator, and How Does it Kill Cancer?

Questions continue to come in about the Frequency Generator.


A frequency generator produces radio waves.   When programmed or adapted for medical purposes, it produces precise waveforms that are square and gated.   That means the frequencies start and stop in a rapid staccato rhythm.  Each time they start, they go up with very sudden, sharp spikes.   This create a resonance that produces vibrations in the cell membranes of microscopic organisms.    The vibrations, if intense enough, rupture the cell membrane.

Each different microorganism has a unique frequency which must be used with precision. This technology was discovered and developed between the 1920s and the 1950s.   Then the technology was lost.   Frequency generators are most effective against bacteria, which they can kill in a few minutes.   Viruses are much harder.   To kill a flue virus I have had to first find the right frequency (not easy) and then run it four times a day for two or three days.    Cancer is even more difficult.  To keep this cancer shrinking, I run the generator  every night while I sleep, usually for four hours a night.  (It would not be wise for anyone to start out with that much–one must work up gradually or the rapid death of cancer cells can cause tumor lysis syndrome, which can overwhelm and shut down kidneys and liver.    This can be fatal.)

I thought I would post some basic information about Rife machines, and some of the things that are working for me.   I can’t guarantee my protocols will work for anyone else.    But when Royal Rife was using them, he sure eliminated a lot of tumors in a lot of laboratory animals.


There was only one clinical trial with human cancer patients.   It was an approved, official clinical trial done in La Jolla California in 1939.   Sixteen men diagnosed with advanced terminal cancer were treated.    By the end of the 90 day period, fourteen of the sixteen men had no evidence of cancer.

An additional 60 days were required to produce a full remission in the remaining two patients.  I do not know of any other clinical trial that has ever produced complete remission in 100 percent of advanced cancer patients.


Books about Rife include “The Cancer Cure that Worked–50 Years of Suppression” by Barry Lynes, first published in the 1970s, and Rife’s World of Electromedicine” by Barry Lynes, published in 2009.  It is to Barry Lynes that we owe the resurgence of interest in Rife’s work, a resurgence which has resulted in dozens of independent engineers and researchers working to rebuild Rife’s technology.

A really well-researched documentary on Royal Rife’s life, technology and clinical trials is available at http://www.rife.org/aaaproduction.html.    That is where I found my original information.   No hype, no testimonials, no personal case histories.    Just the research, the news paper articles, the frequencies.   Everything on the documentary is cited so you can go and look it up yourself if in library archives if you want to.


It was lost through a variety of human errors, business errors and competitive/regulatory hostility which are all carefully detailed and referenced on the books and documentary above.


The research that has been made available so far in the “Rife Report” on http://www.rife.org/john%20marsh/rifeinstrumenthistory.pdf  has yielded the frequencies I use.   This research was derived by two means:   first, through several independent researchers acquiring and studying originals and copies of Rifes letters and lab papers, and second, through researchers acquiring and restoring three different types of original Rife machines, include a Rife Ray # 4 in very good condition (the machine shown in the picture above) and an original set of Colin Kennedy amplifiers.

Now that these recovered machines are operational, it is possible to use frequency reading equipment to study exactly what they do.

This information is available free to the public. It is inclusive enough that an engineer, reading it, will understand how to build an effective frequency generator.   The intent of the above listed website is that the technology will never be lost again.   Copy it.  Print it.   Post it.  Multiply it.


Some aggressive salesmen of Rife Machine knock- offs will claim the original Rife machine no longer exists, and can no longer be built.   Not true.   I have seen and touched two different types of original antique machines.   They exist, they are operational, and they can be copied.   People who are building authentic machines that do what Rife’s equipment did do not call their machines “Rife Machines.”   They typically call them “Frequency Generators.”   The original vacuum tube technology is still available–it is widely used in some overseas countries and the needed vacuum tubes can be purchased in the US.   Good quality replicas using vacuum tubes can be purchased.

Rife’s original set of equipment was not built by him.   It was just a variety of standard Colin Kennedy radio amplifiers and generators.     A “Rife Machine” can still be made by getting the right type of radio hobbyist equipment (frequency generators) and inputting the correct waveforms and frequencies. In addition, I have personally encountered individuals who purchased the 1920s type Colin Kennedy amplifiers on ebay and repaired them.

To approximate Rife’s equipment, a frequency generator should run a range between 0 and two million hertz.   Some specialized amplifiers have doubled or tripled the range, I have used some of these prototypes and they seem to work pretty well.  These prototypes have ranges of 2.5 to 3.5 million hertz, or 3.5 to 4.5 million hertz.   A gating function is absolutely essential.  It is also helpful to have a square waveform or a damped waveform.   It is also helpful if the generator can be programmed to run a sweep  (Rife ran a lot of sweeps, turning the knob very slowly over several hours.   You don’t want to do this manually.)

Some currently available, good quality frequency generators have the ability to run as many as 8 different frequencies at one time (this can really save a lot of time) and can be programmed to run “autochannels”, many frequencies in succession for whatever length of time the operator chooses.   The autochannel, sweep programming and multiple frequency programming save a great deal of time and make it possible to turn on the machine and then just forget about it while reading a book, sleeping etc.

It is not workable to run the machine while working on a computer, however, the frequency generators often turn one’s whole body into a radio antenna, and then touching a computer keyboard is not very good for the computer.


There are a lot of con artists out there.   Some so called “Rife machines” are nothing  but flourescent light bulb in a fancy case.   Others run only very low frequencies, under 40,000 hertz–not close to what Royal Rife was using for cancer.  (Doctors in the Rife era who only used low range frequencies never had good success with cancer, although they were successfl with other diseases.).  Other machines use a magnetic coil from a motorcyle or a car engine, and produce magnetic fields but don’t produce radio waves at all.   I have tried such a machine on several occassions for a couple of hours at a time and it had no impact on my cancer at all.   (A good radio frequency machine with a lot of power will make my tumor sore and burning withing 5 minutes.)    A lot of the worst products are accompanied by the biggest hype, glitzy-looking machines, computer consoles, videos of patient testimonials.   Don’t be fooled.

Often the really good machines that are authentically produce Rife’s technology are sold very quietly by word of mouth, and are built without frills.

The biggest red flag to avoid is “hide the frequency” approach.   Never buy a machine that doesn’t show what frequencies it is running, and doesn’t allow the frequencies to be changed.    Many substandard or garbage machines have a button or a channel or a program that you enter to “treat” a certain kind of problem.   Program one will treat infections, program two will treat colds and flue, program three for pain, program four for prostate cancer, etc.     To buy a machine of this type is at total waste of money, particularly since new research about Rife’s protocols continues to emerge and become available every few months, calling for adjustments in programming.    Much of the most accurate information has come to light just within the last two year.    You must be able to make customized changes to the frequencies in a machine, and often a machine that won’t show what frequencies are being used is a machine that is using electromagnetic fields and not producing radio waves at all.


Both options cost money, and might require you to do some study or get some assistance.    But legitimate Frequency Generators will cost from $2000 to $5000 or upwards, so its worth investing some effort to avoid getting ripped off.

First, buy a frequency counter.   This costs around $100.00.   You will need it anyway to tune any machine that uses vacuum tube technology. It should read frequencies between1 and 3 million hertz.    Turn on a machine you propose to buy, and read the frequencies it is producing.

Two, by a good microscope.  (you can do this for about $200 on Craiglist or E-Bay)    Get a jar of untreated pond water.   Pour it through a coffee filter so that the tiny worms, insect larvae etc are eliminated, and only the single-celled organisms remain.   Look at a few drops under the microscope, and see what is swimming around.   Then, set it next to the frequency generator you are proposing to buy.   Program the machine for a carrier frequency between 1,500,000 and 2,500,000 hertz.    Program a four hour sweep that runs across about 80,000 hertz.    Set the pond water right next to the ray tube or (if a pad type machine) run the current right through the water.    Run this sweep three or four times.  The sweep should kill everything in the water except for the protozoans  (large stuff like giardia and amoebas)

If a machine won’t clear the bacteria out of a jar of pond water, its not doing anything.


So here are my frequencies:   Based on the above report, I use 1,608,000 hertz as a carrier frequency.   That is for the “BX” form of the cancer virus.    In addition, I use 1,532,000 for the “BY” form of the virus.   (this becomes necessary after the cancer has begun to spread and become aggressive, which is what happens when the virus transitions into its BY form.

I also often double these frequencies, running 3,216,000 for BX and 3,064,000 for BY.   The doubled frequencies seem even more effective.

Note that the ray tubes do not hold a frequency with exactness, they wander and oscillate over a range of 2000 hertz or more.    This seems to add to the effectiveness, and a ray tube amplifier is what Rife used.

I am treating breast cancer.   A lot of Rife’s original research was on breast cancer, and he has extensive and convincing documentation to show it was caused by a virus.   (this shouldn’t be shocking, today’s medical community has finally “discovered” that cervical cancer is caused by a virus. )    Rife’s research eventually showed evidence that most carcinomas and sarcomas were virus-caused.

According to Rife’s lab notes, the virus goes through a “transitional form, which is found in the monocytes of the blood”  The transitional form makes it helpful to run sweeps that cover the whole range between the higher and the lower frequency.    I believe it is the transitional form in the monocytes that shuts down the immune system’s ability to attack cancer, which is why cancers suddenly start growing rapidly and become very dangerous.    Medical research show that the body produces immune activity against small young cancers, but not against old, rapidly spreading ones.

My cancer entered that rapidly-growing stage in November of 2009.    Had I not found the Rife machine it is my belief that the cancer would have killed me, probably within a year.   I started using the frequency generator occasionally (I had to travel 60 miles each time I used it).    Then I acquired my own in July of 2010.  Now, one year later, my primary tumor is less than 1/4 of its former mass, and the evidence that cancer had spread to other parts of my body has disappeared.


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